Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.  It may seem like some people are gifted with these skills, but the truth is most leadership traits can be learned and sharpened with time and practice.

Osborne County area residents have the opportunity to learn, sharpen and practice their leadership skills by participating in the Osborne County Leadership program.  Osborne County Leadership is a six month leadership course founded on the principles and competencies developed by the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) and the Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership (KARL) Program.

The bi-annual program will be facilitated in each of the five communities in Osborne County with sessions focusing on leadership education and educational tours within the communities of the county.

The day long meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month starting in September and ending in March.  Residents of the Osborne County area may apply.  Twelve participants will be selected from various business, professional, governmental, educational, religious and civic organizations.

Nominees should fill out an application form and submit for review by August 15.  The selection and announcement of class participants will be by August 24.  Application forms can be obtained from one of the committee members or on the Osborne County Community Foundation and Discover Osborne websites.

Current sponsors of the program are Brush Art Corporation, Osborne County Community Foundation, Osborne Area Chamber of Commerce, K-State Research and Extension and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

For more information or to obtain an application contact Nadine Sigle, 785-346-6256; Gary Doane, 785-545-7045; Jim Hindman, 785-346-4392; Sarah LaRosh, 785-346-4978; or Becky LaRosh, 785-545-5982.